2-17 June
Spring Hill Reservoir

Written by Jean Anouilh
Directed by David Paterson
"We belong to those that ask questions; and we ask them to the bitter end. Until there’s no chance, not the tinniest chance of hope left alive. We strangle it with our bare hands. We hate this hope of yours, this filthy docile hope."

Either you love your country, or you love your family.

You’re either civil, or you’re barbaric. Beautiful, or repulsive. Either you believe in freewill, or in fate.

Can you love a terrorist?

Should a king rule with his heart, or his head?

Do you compromise? Do you live by your principles? Or … do you die?

After two brothers die in a civil war, one is given a state funeral while the other, Polynices, is left to rot in the street. His sister defies the King’s orders and attempts to bury Polynices.

Amid all the moral tumult of a world in upheaval stands Antigone – pure in purpose, strong in will, and destined to die.

Jean Anouilh’s impassioned reimagining of this great tragedy is brought to life – weeping, gasping, fighting –  in the evocative environs of Brisbane’s underground reservoir.


Approx. 80-90 minutes. No interval.


Spring Hill Reservoirs
226 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill, Queensland
Venue tips: No wheel chair access. Wear enclosed shoes … and maybe a jumper.


Limited street parking available.
Off-street parking available at Wilsons Parking
225 Wickham Terrace
Entry to car park via Bartley Street
Weekdays – flat rate of $10 after 6.30pm
Weekends – flat rate of $10 all day