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War rumbles in underground theatre

heartBeast Theatre are stirring up a war in the underground reservoir of Brisbane.

In their exciting tension-filled adaptation of Hamlet, the independent theatre company is inviting audiences down into a steampunk-inspired war bunker.

Above-ground the world is at war, explosions blast out, air raid sirens wail, while below the monarchy faces its final desperate days. This is the world of D-Mark.

In the bunker, audiences will come face-to-face with the characters, following their stories as the action moves through the gothic spaces of the Spring Hill Reservoir.

“Within the story of Hamlet there is so much tension, conflict, deception and distrust, and this makes it perfect for taking it underground,” says director Adrienne Costello.

“And we’ll be taking the audience with us. As the action moves from space to space within the bunker, so will the audience. They are really part of this story.

“Our adaption of Hamlet is grounded on working in this amazing space with its space and echoes. It brings out the unnerving elements of a world at war and a leadership in chaos.

“We have a brilliant cast and creative team – audiences will love being immersed in the world of D-mark,” Adrienne said.

Hamlet plays at the Spring Hill Reservoirs from 7 to 21 October.

heartBeast Theatre is an independent theatre company that has been producing bold and critically acclaimed work since its inception in 2010.

For bookings and more information go to www.heartbeast.com.au.


Adrienne Costello: 0403 889 847
David Paterson: 0402 495 315

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